In the still that only very early morning can provide, I sit thoughtfully in my kitchen. The absence of noise, movement, and sunlight, breed reflection and connect me to the moments.

Rain droplets descend idly down the windows, and I stare at the tall pines standing motionless in the thick fog. The soft, yellow light of the kitchen lamp saturates the silence with warmth, and comfort.

Forgive the little girl who acted out.

I am with her now; I can sit with her and understand her pain. She is still suffering. I hold her close, and feel her frustration, her lack of self-worth, her anger, and her fear. I am with you now, and we are safe. I forgive you. I’ve got you. It’s OK, you can let go.

We made it.


25 replies

  1. how ironically poetic that what beckoned or helped form the woman caring for the child, was the distressed child herself. I love that full circle healing. What is the drawing of? a window with a girl ?…I enlarged it but could’t tell. Thank you for sharing this beautiful writing and picture. Jayne

    • I think we all carry around our inner children, and as much as they effect us, our decisions and actions, we must effect them as well. That is an old painting I did about a million years ago. It’s open to interpretation. Thank you!

  2. This is beautiful. I’m glad for you. It reminds me of something my best friend once told me… that she treats her emotions (even the ugly ones) like she would treat a little sister. She’s more experienced and wiser than they are, but they are oh so valuable.

    • Absolutely. Our inner children still tell us to react in their ways many times, and I have found that loving them and letting them know that they are safe, allows us to help raise the frightened child within all of us.

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