dry spell

Ugh, it’s another one of those dry spells. No, I’m not referring to the sexual one I’m currently experiencing, I’m talking about writing. I sit to write and there’s Nada. Zip. Zilch. Flashing cursor. Fuck. Maybe I should do some totally gay writing exercise or something, or maybe I should take a nap.

I know most of us experience this writers block crap from time to time, you really want to perform, but you just can’t. Is this what it feels like to have erectile dysfunction? It’s so disappointing. What do you do when this happens? Can you inspire me? Can you give me a topic or someone to bust on? Michelle Obama’s bangs don’t count.

Wasn’t this an awesome post! Aren’t you glad you stopped by! At least it’s not 8000 words!


47 replies

  1. Tracy,
    First of all; how the fuck would I know what erectile dysfunction feels like? Ask me again in ten years…no, don’t.
    I look at old photos when I’m blank on inspiration. If that doesn’t work I simply lift my head off my desk at work and look around and listen for a minute. The people I work with are so fucking weird that 5 minutes of attention gets me at least 5 posts.
    Everything you write is awesome anyway; just start rambling.

  2. Normally when I can’t think of anything to write I turn to the news. There’s normally something in there that pisses me off enough to inspire a rant. People are stupid.

  3. I’ve had Rock of Ages playing on a loop for the last couple of days. It’s seemed to help me. Maybe bad Tom Cruise acting mixed with horrible 80’s music is the answer. You can totally borrow it if you want.

  4. I think you are due a couple of short posts – after all, brevity is the soul of wit.

    Honestly, I get stir crazy in the winter – stuck inside, bad light, nothing but my dogs to take pictures of – I need some sunshine too.

  5. Tracy,

    So what dry spell exactly are you talking about? You write this post- get dozens of replies and everybody all stirred up talking about erectile non-disfunction and you wish you were able to write?

    Write what you feel, when you feel it. If a month goes by and no writing, so it goes. And if you just can’t shake the worry, you can always write again about how you can’t write.

    Loved the post.


  6. I think your 8000 word story may have made you good for a few days/weeks of posts. That was some heavy remembering.
    Tis the season of dry spells and no shit. Ah, this too shall pass. Take it easy. Write when the words get too busy in your head.

  7. I’m writing so much crap for grad school that I’m tapped out when it comes to my blog. Just wrote a ‘personal history’ paper on dress, which was cathartic for me. Write about any clothing or dress in your life that was/is meaningful and why. Maybe you could try that, or I just wrote a synopsis of a content analysis paper of female roles in James Bond movies…anything to get you going?

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