If It Bends, It’s Funny! If It Breaks, It’s Not Funny.

This is the story of a Christmas banner that went too far.
I was writing my response on his blog when it quickly spiraled into its own post. It sparks thought and welcomes debate, which I find delicious. Please read this first so that you will understand what the fuck I am writing about. Thank you, you’re welcome, I love you.
Posted on January 15, 2013 by
If It Bends, It’s Funny! If It Breaks, It’s Not Funny.
“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”
—Scott Adams


Le Clown,

My first response to this was, “awe shucks, look at Le Clown growing up” because I am a smart ass. Let me state for the record that I personally am not on Team Jesus, but I have no problem with anyone’s beliefs as long as they are not trying to shove them down my throat. I believe in a power greater than myself, lean towards Buddhism, and consider myself a spiritual person.

When I saw you the end of December, I said to you, “wow, you really went way out there with the whole Jesus thing, didn’t you?” I live to be inappropriate, to push the envelope and I believe that humor is a wonderful way to not only enlighten, but to diffuse a situation. I am totally self-deprecating, but will take aim where I see potential, and occasionally get myself into trouble for it.

We have had numerous discussions on using certain words humorously, words that some may find offensive, but we agree that if there is no hate behind them, then those words can make funny like no other. Many will disagree, and of course, they are wrong. I will give an example, a hot-button word: retard. If you use the word, as I have, like this, “I was happier than a retard at a water park” then I’m sorry, that shit is funny. There is no word that substitutes and still paints that picture or delivers that laugh. There is no hate or judgement behind it. But, if I said, “I was dumber than a retard in a water park” then my moral compass tells me to turn the fuck around and run back.

And then there was Jesus. The ultimate hot-button. That is why you chose it, because you wanted to stimulate thought and intelligent debate. You wanted a reaction and you got it. I get that it was in jest, but I get that many did not. Not being on Team Jesus, I still went “oh SHIT” when I first saw it, because I knew you were in for it. I KNOW THAT YOU DID NOT MEAN TO HURT ANYONE, because I understand your process as well as I understand my own.

We are both super immature on many levels, and still need to learn our lessons like 4 year old’s. Color a little on the table, Mommy tells you not to do it again, but you get a reaction and you like it. So you scribble big loopy circles all over the table when Mommy turns her back. You get yelled at and are made to go sit in your room to “think about what you did.” At this point, some children would learn their lessons, come downstairs and apologize, then go back to color neatly on the paper. But Le Clown and Tracy are bad children. They find a box of crayons in their room and proceed to color all over the fucking walls, giggling deviously all the while to themselves, just to see THE REACTION. We don’t really think too long about the consequences of our actions, because we are having such a blast coloring our walls and high-fiving each other. It is only when Mommy comes back upstairs, flips the fuck out, beats our asses and takes our crayons away forever that we discover that little lesson about hindsight being 20/20. But, like any self-respecting juvenile delinquents, we have to learn that lesson about 5,239 times before it really starts to take hold.

One thing I know for a fact is that it takes big hairy humble balls to admit our wrongs and apologize for them. I love you Le Clown, and know that you are a good, silly, smart, egotistical, envelope-pushing, Canadian meat-eating, big-hearted honest motherfucking clown who drives like shit on big hills.

Good for you for apologizing to those you never meant to hurt in the first place. I have learned one thing and that is that the Jesus folk love them some Jesus, so I high-five them and stay the fuck away from that topic. Sometimes we don’t know where the lines are until we cross them my friend. Thanks for your big hairy humble crow-eating balls. Now go fuck yourself.



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  1. Tracy, or She-Who-Knows-Me-Too-Well,
    Thank you for this. There is so much depth in what you wrote, and so much understanding on my creative process. I’d like to add one thing, though: when I grab the coloUred crayons, and I make giant circular patterns on the walls, it is not just to see people’s reactions… Yes, I do love me some instant reactions, and I am often amazed as to what readers will harp on, or not. But I do like to generate conversation around a social commentary, I do like to provoke, and shock, but not just for shock-value, but to get people outside of their comfort zone. I like the discussions that will come out of such post. As beside being a shit disturber, I’m also someone who has personally lived some of the negative impacts of the Catholic church (for this example), and what I write, or photoshop, will often stem from a personal experience. Therefore I shock, while I deal with my own demons on a topic… Then I put my crayons down, take a nap, drink a coffee, and do it again, but the next time around, I do it better, with more crayons, so that my message is clearer… And so on, and so on….
    You fucking rock my friend, for this, and for so many other reasons.
    Le Clown

    • You’re right, I forgot that part about it not just being solely about the reaction.

      I personally get swept up in what I’m doing/writing/drawing and The Old Tracy would not give a rats ass about who it hurt or what the consequences were, as long as it was in my own best interest, or as long as it made ME laugh. The New Tracy is like the the parent, or mentor, or gay ass life coach to The Old Tracy and helps her to reel it in, scale it back, and think about how what I do/say is going to effect others.

      I still like to run with it, kick it around, push it as far as I can, but I am learning through a fucking plethora of costly mistakes, that the measuring stick by which I measure my moral and personal comfort level is not necessarily the same as everyone else.

      Keep on scribbling motherfucker.

      The New Tracy

  2. Tracie,
    This was a very heartfelt post on Le Clown’s crayons. I definitely could not have expressed it better myself, so I thank you for saying what you did. I totally respect other people’s opinions even if I may not agree with them, and sometimes those are the very opinions we poke fun at as well.
    I also applaud Le Clown for his explanation and his mea culpa to those who were offended and felt he broke the funny on this one.
    You two are a pair!

    • I’ll put my comment here because this is a priceless exchange happening.

      I am also a heathen, like you, *Tracy*, and had a similar reaction when I saw that Le Clown had been crucified. I believe I said out loud something like this:

      (Quote) “OhFuckThatsGonnaRuffleSomeFeathers” (Unquote)

  3. Trace,
    A whole post. That’s awesome of you! I think it’s fabulous we’re having this discussion about it. Jesus or not, it’s also about how we can put ourselves out there without compromising our creative expression and who we are. We can push to get a reaction, or satisfy our creative wishes, but what is the limit? I happen to agree that I usually don’t touch religion at all. It’s too scary. In Le Clown’s case, it’s such a personal matter. I liked what Rachelle (in his comments) said about us, as readers, asking why he went there in the first place. With so many things whether it’s a book or a film, it’s always about the viewer (me, me, me), when ultimately, the artist will create it anyway, or once it’s done, there it is! Did I make any sense at all?!

  4. Love this! Got me a big gulp of some good stuff here. Well done! I love me some LeClown, for sure. Even though he makes me “wiggly” sometimes. It’s good for someone to come along and rattle us. You both do a fine job of it! Nice job, Trac. Take care. xoJulia

    • Thanks Julia,
      We are all just expressing ourselves in our own unique ways. It’s ultimately up to each of us to choose where our own individual lines are, and it’s irresistibly provoking to push them sometimes.
      Rock on sister.

  5. Retards,

    What the shit fun is this blog jazz if you can’t say whatever the fuck you feel like saying! If megalomania has taught me anything, it is to offend people……regularly, just don’t be half assed about it.

    There is an Elephant in the room and it is humanity’s pussification…….I can be as humble as anyone else, but sometimes I just gotta kick that fucking Elephant right in da nuts.


  6. ridicuryder,
    I hear you, and I mostly agree. As long as the thing is not driven or fueled by hate then have at it, unless it’s Willard Scott, then a haters’ gotta hate.

    • The tricky thing about megalomania, is the anger does slip out at inconvenient times……..I figure keeping it light and halfway funny helps. Too bad a lot of people can’t just shrug off some sportsmanlike hate or offensive by design bastardliness.

      I’m about 6,000 words in on your next post and I have laughed pretty hard, but I’m abandoning it – fuck you.

      • I thought your dick was scraped off in that Range Rover Roll-over when it swung out the window. Anyways, the thing about breaking vs bending is that crossing the line happens, saying fuck was a big no no a while back, now hardly anyone bats an eye…….stay funny/edgy or settle into the slush-pile.

        Ever crack 8,000 words in a comment exchange?

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