Fuck In Absentia : by Le Clown

As anyone with eyeballs who reads my blog, you know that I am a huge advocate of the F-Bomb.  I don’t care if it’s considered lazy or stupid, frankly I don’t give a fuck.  Fuck is awesome, I love it, I want to marry it and fuck the fuck out of it.  I use big words too, I am a fucking walking thesaurus, but I will always resort to my old friend fuck.  Period.

This fucking amazing piece was written by my fucking amazing friend Le Clown.  It was worth reblogging, probably because he wrote it for me.  And he’s fucking brilliant, and I am brilliant for recognizing his brilliance.  You should poke the fuck around over there, because he’s fucking magical.

You’re Welcome.

Posted on September 26, 2012 by Le Clown

You may have noticed the recent absence of the term fuck on this circus. Fuck has left the building. I started this blog using f*ck, then fu*k. I geeked out, and switched to frak. Fuck made its official entrance in March… it was exhilarating. I celebrated by using it everywhere I could: tags, titles, content, captions… Fuck ruled.

Most of my readers know that I am French Canadian – I was born and raised in a French-speaking family, I went to French school, and I graduated with a B.A. in French Literature. On the other hand, I grew up in an English neighbourhood, my friends were English speaking, and I mostly dated English Canadians. I’m your typical Montrealer, culturally schizophrenic. As much as I struggle to make sense of the English prose, I am more comfortable writing in my second language. It’s the strangest thing.

Fuck comes very handy when you lack vocabulary. Lynne from Free Penny Press will write: “This is our human assignment”, while Le Clown will eloquently say: “Fuck it”. Fuck is my go-to word when I lack the proper qualifier. Fuck is also my go-to word when my temper tips overboard, in whatever language I might be losing my marbles. About a month ago, I announced that I was going to blog under two monikers: Le Clown and L’Éric. Fuck was going to become a problem if I wanted to define two distinct voices. Le Clown splurges in profanities while L’Éric might flirt with the idea of cursing. What the fuck was I going to do with my go-to word? The answer was simple: as a writer, I was going to refer to an online translator when I couldn’t come up with an English equivalent. If the English equivalent had already been used in my post, I was going to refer to the online thesaurus.

What I will not do (fuck will not completely fade away… a well-inserted fuck can pack a bigger punch than its poetic comrades) is use a censored version of the term. There will be no feck, no f*ck, no ****. Fuck has its Webster entry, and on A Clown on FireFuck will share the spotlight with other magnificent, poetic descriptives. Modus omnibus in rebus.

What is your take on fuck?


How do you feel about the word fuck?  Love it, hate it…don’t be shy, I don’t offend easily if you want to give me a raft of shit for overusing the fuck out of it.  Really, it’s fucking OK.

14 replies

  1. Well, hmmm, lets see, ok, well I use the word entirely too much for a grandmother. I use it entirely too much for someone raised in the Southern United States as Southern Baptist which I no longer consider myself. Still a follower of Jesus but only that word will do in certain situations. Especially when you have stubbed your toe but to be honest I use it a lot more than that. Hmmm I wonder if it’s because I lived in France between the ages of three and six. My parents have sure never used that word. And I sure hope I never let that one slip in front of them! Oh that would be really, really bad.

  2. I fuckin’ love this article! I too am fascinated and fuckin’ love the word fuck. In fact, I’ve been drafting my own fuckin’ blog article on my feelings about this great word. Happy to see I’m not the only muthafucka who loves it! Fuckin’ a!

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