how a french-canadian clown hijacked my weekend : part 1

Ok, so there’s this crazy ass French-Canadian bushy eyebrowed blogger named Eric, writing under the pseudonym Le Clown.  He is witty, unfiltered, sarcastic, at least mildly brilliant, a self-proclaimed fucktard, and most importantly, a marketing genius.

He started this little competition over a series of days that involves creating thought bubbles for his posted photo, filling in mad libs, and other randomness.  He then awards you points in the form of clown noses for the hilarity of your answers.  Whoever wins the most points at the end of the contest wins a spot on his coveted blogroll.  So basically you just write funny shit, and people can vote for you.  In the midst of this little blogosphere party he’s created, he is experiencing record-breaking views on his blog.  It is a complete time sponge over there, and it is perfectly suited for my ridiculously competitive and addictive nature.

“Sorry honey, Mommy doesn’t have time to untangle the window shade cord from around your neck because she’s busy writing snarky remarks for a French-Canadian clown who refers to himself in the third person.”

There are like 600 comments on these things and some of the answers are hilfuckingarious.  Whoopsies, there went another 4 hours!

You should check his shit out:  A Clown On Fire

If you feel like scrolling around for 47 hours and finding my posts, feel free to reply to it and type “LIKE”.  Or not, whateves.

And did someone say EXTRA CREDIT?!!  Being the fucking overachiever that I am, I am rising to the challenge.  Not to mention that it will make my trip to The Maryland State Fair with my kids that much more enjoyable.  I will post those pictures later.  But here’s a solid start.

The assignment is to use a photo similar to this (basically anything that shamelessly promotes him) and post the link back to our blog on his blog.  Again, marketing genius.  But I love a good game of tomfoolery.

This was his photo:

And here, my dear readers is the beginning of my journey, entitled:

How A French-Canadian Clown Hijacked My Weekend : Part 1

“sure honey, you can play mario all day, mommy’s reaaalllllly busy”

“you don’t need to go for a walk, mommy’s reaaalllllly busy”

…and by busy i mean….

“honey, i swear we’re going to the fair really soon, mommy’s really busy (not) doing the dishes”

Stay tuned for part 2 coming this evening, entitled:

How A French-Canadian Clown Hitchhiked His Way Into My State Fair Experience

It’s such a great idea that one day I may have to copy  emulate him.

33 replies

  1. Tracy,
    You’ve raised the bar so high I don’t think I can even see it… Fuck you for being this funny. So here’s the way I will award your bonus clown noses:
    1 – 5 clown noses for writing a post linking back to ACOF;
    2- 15 clown noses for the first picture of Le Clown hanging out with your kid;
    3 – 5 clown noses for playing dead with your dog;
    4 – 5 clown noses for hanging out with you at your desk enjoying ACOF;
    5 – I should subtract clown noses for forcing me to do your dishes, but as I like you and think you have guts for doing so, another 5 clown noses…
    35 clown noses for you, ballsack!
    Le Clown
    PS: This is my fave so far. What do you think, fellow bloggers? I will even share this on Facebook.

  2. GOD DAMMIT. This just practically ruined my day. My BF has gone off to rent us a fucking CARPET CLEANER and I’m supposed to be vacuuming, but instead I’m jealously slobbering over this horseshit. I like how I can totally swear on both of your blogs, but i’m all like demure and shit on my own.

  3. My blog has a VAST AUDIENCE which includes nice mothers from my children’s schools, my parents friends, my mother and father, occasionally my teenaged children, and other people that I have to consider, so I keep my swearing to a minimum, and I try to be real for them while getting my points across a bit more gently. It’s an art I tell you, but so is this, I love Tracy’s style, and in real life I have a terrible potty mouth which I have worked hard at toning down in public.

    • i am just a quick witted unfiltered recovering alcoholic jackass who also happens to coach my 7 year old son’s soccer team and practically all the mom’s read my blog and secretly high five me and shit. it’s awesome to be free.

  4. I love your voice Tracy. I’m sure they ARE secretly and not-so-secretly high-fiving you…I know I am. I am enjoying developing my own voice in my blog, so we’ll see how it evolves over time…

      • Very nice. I was motivated to start writing my OWN perspective on my own life in my blog after an old friend of mine wrote a best-selling “memoir” called “Poser”, and included me as a character in her life story, using crappy little vignettes from my life for the benefit of her “self-exploration” which included some shitty things I did at probably THE hardest time in my life. In the end, I suppose it was cathartic for me, but it was hurtful, and I’m probably not the only one who feels this way. So I decided early on that one of my intentions was to avoid hurting anyone in my blog. It’s hard though, because some people are very sensitive and it limits what I can write at times. On the other hand, it’s forced me to do more of my own self-exploration. Anyway, this is just about me of course, not a commentary on your style.

  5. misslisted,

    believe me when i say i’ve done MANY shitty things that i am not proud of, and have had to learn many (most) lessons the hard, painful way. with that said, i am not hurtful in my blog. for the first time in my (self-centered) life i am thinking about the repercussions of my words and actions. the majority of my blog makes fun of myself, i am the long standing joke. of course, if you’re in on the game, no one is off limits, but the last thing i want to be is hurtful, ever. with that being said, i will not censor how i write. what i write, yes. how i write it, not so much. i am who i am who i am.

    sorry to keep plugging, but this addresses this very issue. thanks for reading and commenting, i’m looking forward to familiarizing myself with your blog once this fucking clown nose business is over with.


  6. Thank you for your responses, and the links to your posts, it’s all very thought-provoking, and I’m sure sitting in 12-step meetings and listening to all sorts of true stories (al-anon for me sister) gives some of us a thicker skin, and makes us less likely to be surprised by REAL LIFE. I have a hard time with phony baloney nicey nicey crap, but I’m also trying to get over my need to please others and want people to like me at the expense of my own sanity (doing pretty well with it these days now that I’m in my mid-40’s and divorced). I suppose we’re all a work in progress to some degree and writing is a great way to explore our selves and to learn more lessons! Guess I should get back to my floor vacuuming project and stop waxing all touchy-feely n’shit..see you over at the contest!

  7. How did you make the clown pic? I am so jealous. I must find my camera. I can take pictures of ignored children and stacks of dirty dishes too. My family will be so pleased. By the way, you guys are all kicking my butt and it’s screwing up my pinafore.

  8. I wonder what the look on everyones face would be when they opened it for christmas! Hah, every year they get their ‘angie is crazy’ gift before i dish out the real ones. one year everybody got looted gas station bathroom toilet paper and another, well, im not allowed in the dennys restaurant anymore. but the clown photo….oh yeah 🙂

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