things i don’t want to eat.


Fricasseed Cat Turd with Toothpaste Reduction

Pan fried Elephant Colon.  Served on a bed of Scrambled Parasitic Worms, topped with Burnt Hair Confit

Toenail Crusted Ear Wax Medallions.  Drizzled with 4 month old Liquefied Cucumber Au Jus

Deodorant Stew with Pearl Onions and Mandarin Orange. Used Dental Floss and Sugar Cube garnish

Garbage Disposal Chili

Gangrenous Foot Sausage with Wood Shavings

Grilled Callus with Dandelion and Fruit Loops

Grandma Crazy’s Slow Cooked 4 Day Sunshine Chicken

Baby Bird Enchilada with Maggot Salsa.  Drizzled with Tree Sap Creme Fraiche

You’re Welcome.

10 replies

  1. This list so messed up my grocery list! Where/How did you come up with this yummy new foodie eats??? We eat strange things here in ‘bama but this beats all 🙂 (PS congrats on being Freshly Pressed)

  2. Genius! I want to make these dishes for the next time I visit my family. I’ve brought durian cookies, 100 year old egg cakes, and things that still have faces. Hoping to bring some isopod juice the next time I go home. Might go well with toothpaste cat turds? I’ll let you know how that works out.

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