renaming waterproof mascara

Mother’s Funeral!

Divorce Papers!

Let’s Just Be Friends!

I’m Not In Love With You Anymore!

White Wine!

Brazilian Waxing!

Pap Smear Results!

Weekly Weigh In!

Pass Me A Tampon!

We Regret To Inform You!


Root Canal!

Visiting Shock Trauma!

Saying Goodbye To Grandpa!




36 replies

  1. When I was first married, I only wore waterproof mascara-for months. I told my husband, “I don’t have eyes without mascara,” then I removed it with a tub of Vaseline. He looked at me for what seemed like minutes and said, “You’re right.”
    I think he got used to the different looks after 25 years! Hahaha!
    Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  2. I don’t get why everyone is so fixated on waterproof mascara. I can’t even get regular mascara to come off!!

    But then again, everyone is different.

    I probably wouldn’t have lashes anymore if I used waterproof lol!

  3. Your hilarious! If you want long full lashes wear two mascaras at once 🙂 I have a post under beauty tips & tricks (long lashes) … Congrats on freshly pressed! Excuse my curiosity but how does one become freshly pressed?

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