follow-up on facebook friends


Just a quick follow-up on my Facebook friends post.

It’s easy to write about things, or say you’ll do something, but it takes a commitment to walk the walk.

Since that post, I started reaching out, and friends started reaching out to me.

I met with a friend last night that I have not seen in about 2 years.  We made a plan and stuck to it.  We met for dinner and the conversation and reconnection was authentic and fulfilling.  It was so easy, just make the time instead of excuses.

I am meeting with another friend next week who I have not hung out with in over a year as well.  I made plans to get together with another old friend who I saw at Albert’s viewing on Monday.

That’s 3 genuine reconnects…since Monday.  It’s amazing, and gratifying and I can guarantee you that you will feel so good that you made the time.

Action speaks louder than words, reach out, make time and participate in those friendships.  It’s awesome.  Just don’t meet at Chik-fil-A.

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