procrastinators unite! tomorrow…

I’m supposed to be writing things, I think they’re called posts?

Well I’m posting, it will be lame, and I apologize in advance.

I will list my excuses:

I have been busy with my kids.

It’s summertime.

I have been too tired at night when I have time.

I have been on a ton of antibiotics and meds the past month trying to get rid of the mysterious swollen lymph nodes in my neck.  My doctor thinks it’s an infection of some sort, I think it’s testicular cancer of the neck.

The Real Housewives are partially to blame.

Personal shit/turmoil.

Writers block.

General lack of time.

I need a snack.


I’m reading too many good books.

I could go on and on, but you get the gist.

So with that, I half-assedly apologize.  I now have to take the kids swimming, after which I will have to make dinner, feed dinner, clean up dinner, bathe them, read to them, play some more, put them to bed…and by then I’ll be entirely too exhausted to write.  But there’s always tomorrow…

2 replies

  1. Ok, so first you’re not “supposed to be” doing anything. Go with the flow. But also this is a very not “lame” post. It captures perfectly the whirl of life. I loved it.

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