it’s puppy city and i’m the mayor.

There are certain things in life that once you have, you simply cannot go back.  To name a few, dishwashers, central air, and dogs.

After almost 2 weeks without our Jeannie, it has become perfectly clear to us.  We will never replace her, we will always remember her and carry her in our hearts, but she would want us to have another companion to love.  We are dog people, a house without a dog is not a home.  It will be a great learning experience for the boys, a big lesson in responsibility and a new love to grow in our hearts.

After much deliberation over a puppy or an older dog, a rescue or an adoption, I decided again on a Lab.  I love every single thing about them.  I found a local breeder who just had a litter of white labs, ready to come home the end of July.  Over the next few weeks the boys and I will visit him and get him comfortable with us in order to ease his transition.  Of course the boys want the dog NOW, but watching the little pup grow with his Mama is the next best thing.

So it’s time to dig out the crate, buy Kong toys and rope bones and puppy-proof the house.  Time for midnight potty outings and teaching him the basic commands.  Here come the accidents and destroyed shoes and a curious little guy who’s into everything.  But all of it is worth it, for nothing outweighs the kisses and sweet puppy breath, that soft fur, a ball in your lap and a joyous exuberant little shadow following your every move, nipping at your heels to play.  Watching that pup grow into a loyal and loving companion, seamlessly becoming a part of your family and the many years of wonderful memories ahead.

I believe that my spirit dog has found me.  Out of 8 little white pups I knew it the minute I saw him.  His funny little wobbly legs carried him over to me and he gladly nuzzled right into my neck when I picked him up.  I vividly remembered my first encounter with Jeannie.  She was the runt of the litter, sitting by herself, the sweetest little thing I had ever seen and from the instant I held her, I loved her as my own for the rest of her life.  I believe her spirit found me, just like I believe this little pup’s did as well.

He is 3 weeks old, so we have 5 weeks until we bring him home.  It is awesome that we can visit him anytime and watch him grow.  They are all so insanely cute right now, falling all over each other, sleeping in piles, so full of love and happiness and curiosity.

Lucy, Mama

1 year old brother of pups. That’s a good looking dog!

The cycle of life, when any door closes, another one opens.  I know Jeannie is up there smiling and panting and happy, and we are looking forward to once again hearing little nails clicking around the house.

Now…a name…any suggestions?

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