remembering memorial day

Memorial Day is a time for us Americans to take a moment and reflect on the sacrifice and honor shown by our men and women in military uniform ~ this day is for ALL who served this great country. 

Memorial Day strives to stir the patriotic sentiments of every American citizen and remind us that we owe our freedom and liberty to the finest of young men and women who laid down their lives for us ~ they paid the extreme price for the freedom we enjoy today.

As most of you are hanging flags, preparing side dishes and gearing up for a day of poolside cookouts, I am gearing up for my son’s 7th Birthday Party.

Memorial Day has had an entirely different meaning for me since May 28, 2005.

My Memorial Day is filled with reflection.  Instead of hot dogs and hamburgers, I remember Epidural’s and Episiotomies.  Visions of cold macaroni salad and swim suits, replaced by Pitocin and 24 hours of labor.  Waving flags and water balloon battles replaced by ice chips and cervical checks.  Cold beers and fireworks took a backseat to pushing and sweating and a pain understood only by those who have also pushed a watermelon, with shoulders, through their birth canal.

But what I will always remember most, is holding my beautiful little blonde boy in my arms for the first time.  Looking into those big blue eyes and feeling a love that swallowed me whole.

I am double grateful on Memorial Day.  Not only for those in uniform, but for my oldest son, and the amazing journey that I am forever grateful to walk with him every day.

Happy Memorial Day everyone.

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