How To Eat An Elephant.

Close your eyes and imagine a very comfortable living room. All of the chairs are soft and oversized, draped with gentle chenille blankets, and an array of well-worn and mismatched pillows. Ottomans rest happily, cluttered with notebooks, sketchpads, and stacks […]

2 years, sober.

Two years ago today, my life changed forever. November 8, 2011 was the last blackout drunk, or drink I’ve had. I have now spent the past 730 days in my own skin. To say the least, my first year of […]

Finding Gray

  I’m pretty sure I was born with an addictive personality. The fundamental root of this is an addiction to one thing, more. Bigger, faster, further, higher. More playtime, more pancakes, climb the tree to the highest branch, take the […]

The Accident.

1 week smoke free up in here. Yep, I’m a mean nasty bitch who would bite your face off just for saying hello, but I’m sticking to it. It makes me think about my resolve to stay quit, which made […]


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