balloon animals and alcoholics : le clown enters stage left tomorrow.

So my plan is to keep this week all about addiction and recovery, because it’s cheery. Tomorrow, I have a very, very special guest post from my dear friend Eric Robillard, who we all know as the infamous Le Clown.  Apparently, French-Canadian clowns are more than just freakish cheerful beacons of all things zany, who have a special penchant for slipping on banana peels and making balloon animals and scaring the crap out of children. They can also be recovering alcoholics, such as myself. I know, shocker. Although I do not wear face paint, or a rainbow-colored afro wig and size 27 red shoes, I do however, consider myself a clown in many other respects.

So be sure to check in tomorrow as Le Clown reveals a very personal side of himself, and shares his own story of addiction, and recovery. Just when you thought you couldn’t possibly love him anymore…

In the meantime, I saw Flight yesterday with Denzel Washington, directed by Robert Zemeckis. I found it to be fucking amazing. I would give it a high-five, a chest bump, 12 stars, a reach-around, and 10 thumbs-the-fuck-up. I’m not going to spoil anything, but I will tell you that this movie is much more about alcohol/addiction than it is about the plane crashing. If you have ever struggled with addiction, and getting sober, there are moments in this movie that will have you in a cold sweat because you have stood where he stands in one respect or another. That’s my review, go see it. You’re welcome.

One is Eric, one is Denzel, and one is A Balloon Animal. See if you can guess.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I must get back to drinking coffee alcoholically. I have my 1 year AA anniversary meeting tonight, where I get my fancy chip and have to tell my story in front of a room full of people. It shouldn’t be a big deal but it’s giving me IBS. 5 pots of coffee will help.

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  1. I couldn’t comment on this without reading the previous one before.
    I cannot say more than congratulations and that I’ll share your post with someone I know who is currently struggling with alcohol addiction, it’ll help I’m sure.
    I’ll be here checking Eric’s post tomorrow.

  2. Congrats on the 1-year anniversary.
    I have deliberately NOT seen Flight because a friend of mine saw it. He is fairly recent to recovery. “Harrowing” is how he described the addiction scenes. But, maybe I will see it. I don’t know.
    Looking forward to LeClown.

  3. You will be great tonight!!! Big night. Can’t wait to read Clown’s story. I’m intrigued. And here’s a fuck yeah for tonight…FUCK YEAH girl. Is that better than a cheers? Different connotation I should think. Congrats!!

  4. The one on the far right is Eric, right? I would watch Denzel do just about anything, so no problem there. I wonder if there’s hope for my coke addiction. Coca-cola that is. The only powder I snort is off of donuts.

  5. Nice post! Flight was amazing. The movie and Denzell caught the feelings and moods of addiction. From the low self pity, to anger, and of course the High High. I was present to each moment.

    Congrats on one year today. a suggestion if I may be so bold, don’t make it about yourself and what you did to get to one year. Make it about everyone and everything else that helped you get to one year.
    Love Life

    • Couldn’t agree with you more. There is NO WAY I would be standing here right now, sober, were it not for the tremendous love and support that I received. There have been many lessons learned, and many more to be learned. I was taught how to live this way, and I practice those principles every day in order to maintain my sobriety and stay spiritually fit. Rigorous honesty my friend.
      Thanks for commenting.

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